Meet Marci Rodgers: Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It” Costume Designer

Marci Rodgers obtained a B.B.A. with a concentration in Marketing from Howard University, a Corporate M.B.A., from Florida International University, and a Certificate in Fashion Design and Marketing from London Fashion College: Central Saint Martins in London, England all before graduating with an MFA in Costume Design from the University of Maryland. THAT GIRL IS […]

Meet Shannon Matesky: The Actress using Poetry and Theatre as an Artistic Outlet

Shannon Matesky is an actress, writer, producer, director from Berkeley, CA, now living in Brooklyn, NY. A graduate from Depaul Theater School, she has worked with theaters such as Steppenwolf Theater, The Inconvenience, Court Theater, Goodman Theater and The Public. As a poet Shannon has been featured across the country as well as HBO’s Def […]

Meet Syreeta Gates: The Woman Bridging the Gap Between Food and Hip-Hop

Syreeta Gates is determined to make sure everybody eats! (Literally.) If she’s not working on her podcast, she’s somewhere making sure our young people stay inspired. This is her Creator Story. BLOSSOM: What is the inspiration behind Stay Hungry? SYREETA: Stay Hungy definitely evolved. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a […]

Meet Nakia Stephens: Award-Winning Screenwriter Committed to Clever Storytelling

“Anyone can tell a story but not everyone can deliver the story in a clever, captivating, and unconventional way.” Why is it important to have Black women behind the camera/writing scripts? What do you think about the way Black women are portrayed in mainstream film/media? It’s important to have Black women behind the camera and […]

Meet Dionne Edwards: A UK Director and Storyteller

Blossom: Tell us about the moment you became a filmmaker. Dionne Edwards: I remember it quite vividly actually, I was 14 and was into writing stories and drama class was one of my better areas. My teacher put me on to a TV workshop outside of school. There was a group of us and we had to […]

Meet Raven White: A Female Animator Using Art To Tell Stories

Content creator Raven White produces the art that she wishes she had growing up. With Internet-famed recreations of cultural icons such as Pokémon, Chance the Rapper, Beyoncé’s dancers and most recently ABC’s Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross as the Magic School Bus’ conductor Ms. Fizzle. 

Meet Alexis Harris: The Actress On Our Radar

Vibrant, creative and armed with an old soul, Alexis Harris and her stories breathe honesty and intentionality, despite living in a society that thrives on sex, drugs, social media and reality television.

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