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[watch] How to Start Living in the Truth of Who You Are

In this video, Iyanla explains how to bring about a new awareness of who you are and how to shift your life back into balance so that you experience the joy, peace and power of living in the truth of who you are.

[watch] Behind the Techie: Datrianna Meeks, Spotify

In 20/20 Shift’s Behind the Techie video series, they introduce you to the story behind diverse techies reshaping the tech landscape. Here they introduce you to Datrianna Meeks, Senior Product Designer at Spotify.

[short film Fridays] Black Mask

A mini short by Akiya McKnight about a African-American man who falls deep into a dark space as life mishaps arise.

Meet Raven White: A Female Animator Using Art To Tell Stories

Content creator Raven White produces the art that she wishes she had growing up. With Internet-famed recreations of cultural icons such as Pokémon, Chance the Rapper, Beyoncé’s dancers and most recently ABC’s Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross as the Magic School Bus’ conductor Ms. Fizzle.