What is the purpose of blossom?

We created blossom for a few reasons.

  • We aim to relieve women of the overwhelm that arises when trying to find content that they can connect to.
  • We aim to provide a space for content creators of color to have their hard work seen.
  • We aim to showcase what it means to be a woman of color in a way that is truly reflective of how we think, live and feel.

Ultimately, we want this to be a safe place, a mirror, a home of validation for you to watch and enjoy videos.

How do you all select the content on your site?

We do that in many ways. First, we have a Creative Content Council that solely looks for the most entertaining, empowering and authentic videos for our audience. We are dedicated to figuring out what our women want to watch. We also take submissions! If you have content you want to intentionally connect to women of color, email content@watchblossom.com.

How can I work with blossom?

Just visit our work with blossom page to check out what we’re looking for. We’ll be launching a program for those who want to be actively involved, despite location, in the upcoming weeks.

What else do you all do?

We’re dedicated to fostering a community around creativity, technology, storytelling and connectivity through our events, initiatives, commercials, conferences and workshops. By subscribing to our newsletter, you can stay on top of everything that we’re doing.

I want to speak with someone a little more about blossom. Who do I contact?

Visit our about page to learn more about what we do and see who you should contact.

work with us.

want to create content for blossom? have a show idea? just email: hi@watchblossom.com to start the conversation!


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