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Meet Yasmin Watts: The Creative Photographer on Her Way to Becoming a Household Name

Yasmin Watts is one of the dope photographers behind the lens at BLOSSOM. She’s worked with the team over the last year collaborating on a number of projects including Melanin Mommas, the Watch Blossom Anniversary and the most recent team campaign shoot. She was raised in Columbus, Georgia and works full-time as a Technical Trainer at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Her love of photography developed naturally and after receiving the gift of a camera, Yasmin stopped at nothing to share her talent with others. As a full-time mother, young professional, and entrepreneur, she’s a powerhouse on the rise.

Tyler: Describe the moment you realized your love of photography.

Deep down inside when you really love what you d,o you know it’s a passion. I started with my son, Camden, by having my friend Gary take pictures of him for modeling and acting. I was always behind the scenes; directing. I then started borrowing a camera and taking pictures of my friends and family whenever they asked. Then one day my friends convinced me to truly live out my passion and fulfill my dreams. So for Christmas, my boyfriend got me a camera and from there it was full force. I realized that if the people around me can believe in me then I had to believe in myself. There is always that’s fear of failing and people not supporting you, but one thing I learned is that people will be for you and against you, but you never give up.

Tyler: Tell us about your most challenging shoot.

My most challenging shoot was my first wedding. Like anything you have to get your feet wet and you don’t know what to expect or what it’s like until you try. My client was amazing and her family was awesome. It really made my experience working with them and my first wedding a great experience.

Tyler: What difficulties have you encountered being a mother and a creative; how did you overcome them?

It’s definitely a challenge juggling being a full-time mother, Mom-Manager, entrepreneur, and creative. My son is also involved in the film/television industry.  He acts and models so in between the 9-5, I balance having my own sessions making sure he knows his scripts and getting him to set or to acting classes. Whew, it’s a lot, but I remind myself that it’ll all be worth it. Keep pushing. God wouldn’t provide us with a talent or passion without giving us the tools and resources to see them through.

Tyler: What’s next for you? Do you have other ventures/passions you would like to pursue later down the road?

Thinking about the future keeps me motivated and excited. No matter where I am today, despite how far I’ve gotten I’m going to go far. I’m excited to be branding my name. When people hear Yasmin Watts Photography, see it, read about it, I want them to draw inspiration not only from the pictures I capture but through my story as well. I want to be an inspiration and a platform for so many other women coming behind me that whatever you set your mind at to just truly go for it. I hope to someday have the opportunity to shoot celebrities and major events like the BET Awards, The Awards, The Grammys.

I would also like to be featured in Essence. I’ve had the opportunity for my work to go viral on social media as well as for my kid clients to be featured in magazines. I’ve worked with businesses like March of Dimes for the March for Babies Walk and Piedmont Healthcare for the Heart Walk in 2017.

Tyler: If you could shoot any celebrity or public figure, who would it be?

Monica, I’ve always loved how humble and modest Monica is. If I ever had the opportunity I would love to capture shots of her and her kids.


Tyler: Are there other black women photographers or creatives that you follow for inspiration?

Oh my yes, there are so many. First and foremost, for inspiration, Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant. I love them. Oprah has paved a way for so many beautiful black women. They remind me that there is a story behind every individual who has ever succeeded and gotten to where they are today. At some point in their life, if not more than once someone told them no, someone rejected them and fueled their fire to keep pushing. Also, Necole Kane’s story of how she had to hit “rock bottom.” I think people forget we are all human. No one person is perfect, it’s okay to “hit rock bottom.”

And lastly, my photography inspiration; I love following Images by Kennedy, Shot by Sed, Zina Franklins with My Studio Kids and CreativeSoul Photography. The life their images bring and the different genres groups they cater to allows you to see just how broad and creative different photographers can be.

Sarah Corin Film Visual from Sarah Corin on Vimeo.

Tyler: What advice do you have for new photographers wanting to get serious about their craft?

No one gets it right on the first try, but we all have to start somewhere so why not NOW? My advice for new photographers wanting to get serious is to believe in themselves. Brand yourself; you can’t expect anyone to believe in you if you don’t. Life will take you in a thousand different directions, but as long as you have a goal and a clear vision you will make it to the finish line.

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