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Meet Suzi Analogue: The Versatile Producer with a Futuristic Sound

Suzi Analogue is an incredibly versatile producer, vocalist, and designer whose futuristic, forward-thinking music blends abstract hip-hop, neo-soul, andelectroeats in addition to her smooth vocals and positive lyrics, but she’s also embraced drum’n’bass, footwork, and other forms of high-energy club music. True to her name, she releases much of her music on formats such as cassette and vinyl, and she runs a tape label called Never Normal Records. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she has resided in numerous cities including Philadelphia, Tokyo, and New York.

Blossom: Why have you chosen music as your creative outlet? Did you have formal training? 

Suzi: Music is just a language I can understand and speak. It’s another way to communicate with the world. I’ve had various special training since I was a child although it was based on my natural understanding of music.

Blossom: The name Never Normal Records stands out. Why did you choose that name? 

Suzi: Never Normal is a lifestyle of embracing who you are, what makes you different and knowing that can unify people versus tearing world’s apart. The Recordings we create are not just audio, but visual as well. Never Normal shows that more is possible.

Blossom: What’s it like being a producer who’s a woman of color, and more specifically a producer of electronica music? 

Suzi: It’s fun, I enjoy it. I love what I do and those who I work with respect me and my expertise.

Blossom: The trip you took to Uganda seems like a life changing experience. What did you learn? 

Suzi: The biggest thing I learned in Uganda is that the world is very connected, especially through music as a culture culture. Worldwide family is real, and we are all connected through our hopes.

Blossom: If you had to describe your creative process, what would you say? 

Suzi: My process is quality over quantity. I take from real life experiences and weave it into my sound and visuals.

Blossom: Your personal style is so unique. What do you want people to come away with when they see your style or think of the Suzi Analogue brand as a whole? 

Suzi: I just want people to remember they are human and they can be empowered through their free will and choices to rise above any limitation.
Blossom: Where can people find you online?
@suzianalog on Instagram and my website is

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