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Meet Melani Carter: Innovating How Content is Promoted

Growing up, I didn’t understand why I viewed things differently or how I could make the smallest concept turn into a grand idea.

Creative is such a broad term. How would you define it?

First and foremost, creativity is a God given gift that no one can take from you. Growing up, I didn’t understand why I viewed things differently or how I could make the smallest concept turn into a grand idea. I was afraid to embrace that I was different than most of my peers. As I’ve gotten older, creativity has helped me connect to people and helped excel my career in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Being a creative is  getting people to see things from your point of view and changing their perspectives on how they may think something should be or what may be considered the norm. Being creative means taking risks , working with no limits, using that No as fuel and facing fears. Simply doing something different for the sake of doing something different.

Tell us about your habits that keep you innovative.

Everything literally inspires me, from random conversations, songs,  blogs,  the way companies advertise products, or the way I may sneeze. That’s a real thing !  I’m also huge article binger  ( if that’s even the name for it ) , documentary watcher and  gadget lover. It’s important to me to feed my  mind  daily with things or thoughts that will fuel my creativity instead of always diving into my phone to scroll on social media.

How do you manage idea overload? Because we know it’s a REAL thing.

Honestly it’s hard!  because the ideas never stop. That’s the gift and curse of idea overload.

I am inspired by so many things during the day. I’m always thinking and asking questions, even the stupid ones because I constantly want to get better each time I create. I often suffer from insomnia because I am constantly thinking about the smallest to biggest details. It may be how I could’ve added a different font to a document or went with another color on a project, it just never stops. In  order to not feel crazy or guilty that I haven’t executed an idea I simply write them down to tackle later if I need to. But most importantly I find time for myself and to wind down. This could be trying new restaurants, going to a concert, hanging with friends and relaxing.

What are some ways millennial women can stay creatively powered up?

By challenging yourself everyday, educating yourself on new concepts and creating daily.  Being creative means you know how to find the similarities and differences between random ideas but always make sure it fuels your imagination. You’ll be amazed how much it will inspire your attitude and creativity throughout the day. Always search for inspiration in even the most mundane places.

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