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Meet Meaghan Taylor: Her Mission for Women’s Equality in Radio

Meaghan Taylor, a producer and on-air personality, is making waves literally and figuratively in radio. She isn’t the only passenger on her journey, though. This Florida native is bringing other women along for the ride. Meaghan created a safe space for women pursuing a career or currently working in radio. In July 2016, she launched Women in Radio, an organization designed to provide inspiration, career support, and diversity. Women in Radio welcomes all women at every stage from entry-level to management. Within a year’s time, Meaghan’s mission grew to more than 3,000 women.

And it all started with Meaghan frustrated with the job market and needing guidance to get her foot in the door. She built her own.

Tyler: Tell us about your educational and professional backgrounds.

Meaghan: I have always been an average student. I really had no ‘talents’ until my second year of college where I fell in love with radio. I graduated college from Florida A&M University (FAMU) with a broadcast journalism degree. A few months after college, I began working at a small black and woman-owned radio station in Port St. Lucie. I was the owner’s, Mrs. Alice Lee, assistant and did other work around the building as well as having my own show on Sunday. I worked there for six months and then went to BEATZ 96.3 in West Palm Beach, FL as the first woman on-air at that station. I worked there for a year and then became an on-air talent and Assistant Program Director at 92.9 WTUG, in Tuscaloosa, AL. I am now a producer at 610 WIOD in Miami, FL.

meaghan taylor

Tyler: What ignited your early interest in radio?

Meaghan: I believe what ignited my early interest in radio was the music. I always played the street music. I love southern rap music and trap beats. People would always be so surprised to find little ole me behind the microphone. I originally went to school to become a television anchor, but it was hard to get on-air for TV at FAMU, so I went the radio route.

Tyler: What is the most defining moment of your career?

Meaghan: I’m not sure if I’ve had a defining moment, yet. But, one thing I am proud about is putting my happiness first. I’m a recovering people pleaser, so when I left Tuscaloosa, AL after only six months, I did it for me. I came back to Florida with no job to fall back on, only my company Women In Radio. Since then, so many things have worked out for me.

Tyler: Describe the challenges women in radio often face.

Meaghan: As I’m sure everyone is aware of, there’s been a multitude of sexual harassment cases. It’s no different in the radio industry. I’ve personally been e-mailed from women in the radio industry telling me they left their jobs because of it. It’s sad and unfair. Also, the pay gap is a big issue.  Plus, the fact that women don’t really have their own morning shows – I only know of a few and those women are in Dallas.

Tyler: Tell us about the moment you recognized it was time to start Women in Radio?

Meaghan: I sat on the idea for starting Women In Radio for a year. There was a void missing in the industry. What really made me do it, is thinking back on how I felt fresh out of college with no job. You go to college and think, damn, after these four years go by, I’m going to graduate and become super rich. You finally graduate and it’s not like that at all. You have no job, and everyone around you is asking you your next steps. I didn’t want anyone to feel that way again. Also, I’ve never had a mentor. In fact, it’s hard to have a mentor in this industry, because they make it super competitive. Women In Radio is just a safe place to go, where you can ask questions anonymously and not feel judged.

Tyler: Tell us about the organization and why it’s vital for women pursuing careers in the industry?

Meaghan: Women In Radio is an organization for the support and advancement of women in the radio industry. In short, we’re just here to be your homegirls. It’s vital, because most colleges don’t teach classes centered on radio, and a lot of people don’t know that there are more jobs than just being on-air. Radio stations cater to women through advertisements and music, yet there is a small percentage of women in power.

Tyler: What resources are available to young women through Women in Radio?

women in radio

Meaghan: We have a section of our website dedicated to air-checks, where program directors in the industry can critique them, which is helpful if you’re trying to snag a job. We just got our non-profit Women In Radio Gives Inc, approved so we plan to give scholarships out next fall (hopefully).

Tyler: Where do you see Women in Radio in the next five years?

Meaghan: In the next five years, Women In Radio will be bigger and better than before. We will have an actual store-front with classes. We will be doing more college tours and pop-ups. Plus, we’ll have our very own three-day conference.

Tell us about your squad. Who helps drive your mission?

Meaghan: So, I count everyone who supports Women In Radio as my squad. They are all so awesome. But, I do have a squad of Brand Ambassadors who live all over the country and push our mission.

Tyler: Finish this sentence. With a strong group of women at my side, I can ______________________.

Meaghan: DO IT ALL!

Tyler: What projects do you have coming down the pipeline in 2018?

Meaghan: Our biggest project in 2018, is our 2nd Annual Dinner on March 4th, 2018 in Miami Fl. Last year was amazing and I hope we can just grow on top of that foundation and make this year’s bigger and better.

Tyler: The radio industry is competitive and frequently evolving, how do you stay on the top of your game?

Meaghan: I stay on top of my game, by knowing that what’s for me, is for me. But I also, stay abreast on trending topics whether political or for entertainment purposes. Plus, I’m big on learning every position in the building.

Tyler: If you could pick any song, old or current, as the theme song for your life, what would it be?

Meaghan: This is a toughy..I’ll have to come back to you…maybe Beyonce “Run The World”

Tyler: When you’re having a bad day or going through a rough patch, what inspirational quote or mantra motivates you to keep going?

Meaghan: This past year, my mantra has been ‘F them, do you” – I made it up, and it can really be used for any situation or person. I’ve really gotten out of this people-pleasing stage, so I’ve been feeling real bad-assy!

No competition here. There’s a seat at Meaghan’s table and plenty of food to go around for all women. Check out footage from the inaugural Women in Radio dinner.  Learn more about the organization here.


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