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Meet Marci Rodgers: Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It” Costume Designer

Marci Rodgers obtained a B.B.A. with a concentration in Marketing from Howard University, a Corporate M.B.A., from Florida International University, and a Certificate in Fashion Design and Marketing from London Fashion College: Central Saint Martins in London, England all before graduating with an MFA in Costume Design from the University of Maryland.


She has assisted designers such as Ruth Carter, Paul Tazewell and Ann Roth while most recently, working with director Spike Lee designing his new series SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT for Netflix.

This is her Creator Story. 

Blossom: Tell me about how you knew you wanted to go into fashion/costume design?

Marci: Just for clarity, fashion and costume design are two different things. Fashion, or what people wear informs the art of costume design. Before I was a costume designer, I was a wardrobe stylist. In my circle, I was the go to person for it. I was putting together looks, but costume deisgn was always something I thought I wanted to do. And I just really spoke the words and affirmations, and God allowed me the opportunity to pursue it.

Blossom: What’s been your experience as a woman of color in the film industry?

Marci: I was able to connect with African American designers who were excited to work with us on the set of She’s Gotta Have It and give costumes to some of our characters. Pierre Moss is one. William Okpo is another one. So my experience has really been amazing. I’ve had a lot of people who have been willing to help.

Blossom: Who are your influences/motivators?

Marci: I’ve worked with the best and I’m inspired by them all. Ann Roth, Paul Tazewall, the costume designer for Hamilton. I’ve assisted Ruth Carter, and Rita McGee, who’s the costume designer for Empire. Also, I did a lot of work with my mentor, a professor at Howard University, and also a Broadway Theatre designer, before he passed-Reggie Ray.

Blossom: She’s Gotta Have It looks like it was a fun set to work on. What was your favorite moment/greatest accomplishment while working on this project?

Marci: It was all amazing. But I have to be honest, just being able to work under Spike Lee is what I consider my greatest accomplishment. It was a blessing. I don’t want to say one outweighed the other. I think there are plenty of people who would love to work with Spike. He’s an amazing director, and he’s amazing at what he does. So if you strive for greatness, you want to be around greatness.

Blossom: Who are some celebs you’re dying to do costume design and why?

Marci: I would love to collaborate with Beyonce. One thing I admired about Lemonade, is it took more of a costume design role. The way it was pieced together, it was so well thought out, and the clothes could tell a story themselves.

Blossom: Do you consider yourself a creator/an artist?

Marci: Artists are creators. We create. We go off of what’s inside of us. Colors, textures, you know. That is what fuels us. I don’t think one is independent of another. A creator can be an artist, and an artist can be a creator. Both are fueled by imagination, and how you use that to create something that’s tangible, that your audience, or whoever is receiving the art can see.

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