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Meet Lo: The Travel Enthusiast Who Can’t Stay Put


“Everything that I do is a creation and manifestation of something that
comes from within.” 

Blossom: What or who is your inspiration?
Lo: My inspiration is my dad, because in the last couple of years, I’ve been able to spend more time with
him because he’s been sick. I’ve been able to see him persevere. He’s been able to still work and grind,
even while dealing with his illness. He always told me there are two working days after Friday, and two
working days before Monday.

Blossom: Do you consider yourself an artist or a creative?
Lo: I do consider myself an artist and a creative. In a sense, I’m creating my life, and creating the life that
I want. Through that, I’m able to create content, design, and visually tell my story, whether that’s
through video, pictures or words. Everything that I do is a creation and manifestation of something that
comes from within.

Blossom: What are your thoughts on the Black Travel Movement?
Lo: It’s a beautiful thing that more people of color are able to experience the world, but I feel there’s
some superficiality that exists now because of social media. My hope is that people are really having life
changing experiences when they travel, as opposed to these trips just being an opportunity for a photo
op. I just hope we maintain the authenticity and I think it’s important to keep in mind that when we
travel, we are either dispelling stereotypes or perpetrating them.

Blossom: What’s it like travelling the world solo as a Black woman?
Lo: In my case, it’s been a great experience. I feel like I’ve been able to dispel certain stereotypes that
people might have about Black women. I’ve never really had a bad experience, but I have had a lot of
what I think is important dialogue. I’ve been embraced everywhere, and I feel have been able to have
conversations that I feel shape the narrative. I think women in general are raised to be very reserved. I
think solo travel allows us to see ourselves in a different light, and to kinda see what we’re made of.

Blossom: What are some challenges you’ve faced along your journey?
Lo: This is the journey I chose, so I accept that. I know that there will be things I need to overcome, so I
try not to look at these things as challenges. But one thing I guess I would consider a challenge is the fact
that my life is not the same as many of my peers. It can get lonely. Not many people can relate to my
lifestyle, and vice versa. A lot of my friends have a sense of luxury, getting paid every two weeks, having
that stability. I’m constantly thinking about branding, constantly thinking about opportunities, and it’s
really hard to shut that off. It’s really hard for most people to relate, because I’ve chosen to live a very
uncomfortable life. You sometimes don’t fit in in a lot of places. You’ll also run into people who can’t
handle your personality, or what it is that you do, because you constantly remind them of everything
they might be afraid to do.

Blossom: What’s been your favorite exploration so far?
Lo: I’d say Iceland because it was a very pivotal trip in my Can’t Stay Put journey. I also love it because
this particular project was what I call “the people’s choice.” I let my followers pick my destination. I
never would’ve picked it. I also got my first magazine spread for Sheen Magazine, when I did that trip. I
learned so much and made a lot of connections.

Blossom: Talk about the impact you’ve had on the people in the countries you’ve travelled to.
Lo: Typically when I put together a CSP trip, education and empowerment are two of the objectives. I
always create opportunities that allow me to speak to children in the communities. I’ve given
inspirational talks in South Africa, India, Chile, etc. I have also worked with small business owners in
Nicaragua and Chile, empowering them, and utilizing my platform to bring awareness to whatever it is
that they do. I’ve had experiences where people have actually cried when I came inside of their homes.
A lot of the people I meet are just so taken aback that an American wanted to visit their towns, and
believe it or not, sometimes just showing up can be very inspirational. So if I can’t give monetarily, I offer
my insight, consultations, whatever I have to offer. I’m looking forward to revealing some of my new
initiatives in the beginning of the year.

Blossom: What is your ultimate goal with Can’t Stay Put?
Lo: My ultimate goal is to inspire people to live a Can’t Stay Put lifestyle. I want to build a brand that can
be diversified and be present in many different industries. I always think of Richard Branson, who’s built
an empire with Virgin. He’s been able to diversify a company that started as a record company into
phones, healthcare, airlines, EVERYTHING. He has about 400 companies under Virgin. I want to inspire
people to Go. Do. Be. in every aspect of their lives.

Blossom: Where can we find you online?
Lo: My website is
Instagram: @cantstayput_

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