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Meet Hazel: The Passionate Screenwriter Behind Our First Short

Hazel Jackson is a mother, a director and the writer for our first short film titled, Do As I Say.

Where do you get your inspiration to write a story? My inspiration for DAIS is the link between being alive and living. In life we all have shared the experience of going through the motions of life. Going through the motions of living but never experiencing our full potential or the potential within the world.

Why is the storyline for Do As I Say so important? The storyline for DAIS is important because women need to understand that they should allow themselves to reach their full potential. Women should challenge themselves in all aspects of life. Never allow what we feel like are our circumstances hold us back from following our dreams and living our destinies.
How do you want the audience to feel when they watch this piece?
When the audience views DAIS I want them to feel inspired and challenged. I want the audience to feel the need to follow their dreams and never allow anyone to tell them what they SHOULD be doing.
What other types of pieces can we expect from you?
Everything that I write will always be written for women to feel good. My goal is to make our women strong, independent and embrace every bit of uniqueness that we have. Never convert or fold. Always be authentic and love one another.
How can we create an ecosystem that supports content creators and filmmakers like yourself?
At this moment I feel as though Blossom is on the right track with creating that ecosystem/foundation. We as content creators and filmmakers are in love with creating. Creating is the dream. Having the foundation to live our dreams is what Blossom is doing. Having the Blossom platform and the Blossom team makes the dream that more amazing.

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