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Meet Candi Garrett: A Director Passionate about Visual Storytelling

Whether donning the hat of director, screenwriter or editor, visual storyteller Candi Garrett strives to bring together like-minded individuals to create and produce authentic and impassioned stories, with high production value. The Anniston, AL., native longs for viewers to be so engulfed in her stories and characters that they forget that they are watching a film. Now, an Atlanta local with a firm grasp and position in the indie film scene, Garrett continues to tell important stories while pushing the creative envelope.

Blossom: What unique perspective do you believe you bring to a project?

Candi Garrett: I see the world through eyes of compassion. I am able to deeply connect with people through understanding. In life, I do my best not to judge people because we are who we are as a result of what we have gone through; once we realize this about ourselves we are able to make the appropriate changes to become a better version of ourselves. This perspective definitely translates into my work as a screenwriter and film director because you never want to judge your characters.

Photo provided by Candi Garrett

Blossom: How long have you been directing? How did you get your start?

Candi Garrett: I’ve been directing for about five years now, but it all started back in 2003 or 2004, it was either my freshman or sophomore year at Wellborn High School in Anniston, AL. They had just added a photography/film course. I was super excited about it as I immediately enrolled in it. The moment we started learning about film, moving images, it sparked something inside of me. That is when I realized I could tell a story through a camera, and not only could I tell a story, but I would later discover that I had the ability, talent and a certain way to evoke certain emotions from my audience.

Blossom: What stories are you most passionate about telling?

Candi Garrett: I enjoy stories of character’s overcoming adversities, physical and emotional. I’m really into thrillers, whether it be crime, mystery, psychological or romantic; the suspense excites me.

Blossom: Your company is focusing on thrillers. Why did you choose to go this direction?

Candi Garrett: Whenever I write, I always end up with something suspenseful so it only made sense for me to reposition my company as the Home of Thriller Films. From a business perspective, there is an open market for great thrillers, especially notable black thriller films. There are some out there, but there are very few.

Photo provided by Candi Garrett

Blossom: Why do you think Black female directors are important?

Candi Garrett: First of all, as a woman, we experience the world differently than men and since both sexes make up the population, it would be unfair for viewers to solely experience a film from the perspective of a man, which is what has happened for a very long time. Now, imagine adding black in front of female then director at the end, now we’re really getting into diverse perspectives.

Blossom: What do you want people to take away from your work?

Candi Garrett: Whatever type of story it is I tell, I always want people to walk with less judgement in their heart but more compassion, understanding and genuine love for humankind.

Blossom: What are you working on now?

Candi Garrett: Right now I am working on a commercial for a natural hair brand, Super Dope Hair. I am directing this commercial and my company Live View Productions was brought to hire the crew.

Photo provided by Candi Garrett

Blossom: What’s next for you, any new projects?

Candi Garrett: I am currently in preproduction for two short films that I wrote. These films will establish the tone for Live View Productions as we prepare for our feature films.

Blossom: Where can we find you online?

Candi Garrett: You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @candigarrett and my company @liveviewproductions or you can visit our website at where we bring visions to life.


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