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Meet Brittany: The Director Behind Our Series, How We Walk

Tell us about you, Brittany, girl.
I am an actor, director and writer. I have a website and LLC called The (Non)Starving Artists that I use to empower artists to take the lead in their journeys and create their own opportunities. Acting is the creative expression through which I feel most alive but working as a Content Creator with blossom has opened my mind to the various ways I can grow and contribute as a storyteller.
Why the name How We Walk?
The name “How We Walk” came from a conversation with blossom’s production/creative team where I was attempting to describe the concept of a show that specifically highlighted the opinions, perspectives  and interpretations of women of color who are attempting to navigate a society that was not created with us in mind. I was trying to find a way to expand on the idea of how we, as women of color, WALK (literally and figuratively) in the world. And it just stuck… “How We Walk”.
Why is it important for people to hear us talk about our experiences?
Our experiences and the lens through which we take-in the world are not shared often enough. This makes them easily forgotten or disregarded by “mainstream” media. But other women of color, who may not have the chance to sit down with a network like blossom and share their views, still want to see their opinions reflected on in different mediums on various platforms. It’s important that we use our voices to make noise for those who the world would rather render voiceless.
You’re the host of this series. Talk about your experience during filming.
Filming “How We Walk” was an empowering experience. I was overwhelmed (in the best way) from being surrounded by so many beautiful, intelligent and informed women of color… behind and in front of the camera. Some of the perspectives shared during filming were eye-opening for me and I walked away from the shoot feeling not only that I had contributed to expanding several conversations, but also feeling that I learned SO MUCH!
What do you hope the audience will takeaway from this conversation?
I hope the audience continues these conversations beyond where our episodes end. I hope that the dialogue shared between the 5 of us inspires a young woman of color to take action in whatever way she can best be of service in this world. I hope the audience feels empowered to have similar conversations with their circle of friends/peers to get more progress going in the direction of TRUE change.

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