[short film Fridays] HAIR

HAIR is a comedy exploring the rocky relationship between an obliviously dorky hair-stylist, and her self-centered beauty-pageant obsessed younger sister.

[a blossom original short] Do As I Say

Do As I Say is a short film based on a young woman forced to choose between the dream her mother has for her and the one she has for herself. Something many of us can relate to.

[short film Fridays] The Unbelievers

In the wake of Katrina, New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward was one of the few neighborhoods where relief came slowly.  Cotlon decided he’d open up his own shops and restore the community one small business at a time.

[short film fridays] A DNA Journey

In a world that so often seeks to divide, a group of strangers from across the globe is coming together to discover how alike we truly are.