Oprah Winfrey on Time’s Up and the Climate of Change

Oprah Winfrey, a special contributing correspondent for “Sunday Morning,” moderates a panel discussing the Time’s Up campaign (including actresses America Ferrera, Natalie Portman, Tracee Ellis Ross and Reese Witherspoon; Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy; producer Shonda Rhimes; and attorney Nina Shaw) about the power of speaking out about sexual harassment, abuse, and gender inequality.

India.Arie talks to Oprah about The Intentions of the Universe

In the last four years, India.Arie has left the music industry and has returned stronger than ever after her recent awakening to a greater sense of self. Watch as she shares how she learned to listen to her own voice and became responsible for her own life.

Does Beyoncé Feel Pressure to Out-Beyoncé Herself?

Beyoncé is a global superstar, multiplatinum artist and a 17-time Grammy winner. Now, Oprah wants to know: Does Beyoncé feel pressure to out-Beyoncé herself? Watch as Beyoncé gives her answer in this exclusive online footage for Oprah’s #nextchapter. 

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