Meet The Four Creative Roommates Giving Us a Peak Inside Their Fourtress

For the past few months, we’ve been talking to the women at The Fourtress, four women, who happened to be roommates, using their collective talents empower women of color, about creating a partnership. The partnership was created to celebrate the work we, at Blossom, and The Fourtress are doing to ensure women of color around […]

Meet Delia-René: Bringing The Black Female Experience To The Masses

  Delia-René can do it all. She acts. She Directs. She writes. She can even find you love. Her web series “Venus vs Mars” has won her two national awards in the UK and she now has her firmly set on the BAFTAs! We spoke to the multi-talented UK thespian about her rising career and […]

Maya Carr: The Intentional Leader Representing for the ‘Around the Way Girl’

Founder. Digital Communications Professional. Image Activist. Maya Carr is no stranger to social impact. The Camden, NJ native is the founder and CEO of Around the Way Girl, Inc., a grassroots nonprofit defying the odds for young women and girls from marginalized communities. Maya has committed her life’s work to philanthropy and empowerment by providing educational […]

Meet Yasmin Watts: The Creative Photographer on Her Way to Becoming a Household Name

Yasmin Watts is one of the dope photographers behind the lens at BLOSSOM. She’s worked with the team over the last year collaborating on a number of projects including Melanin Mommas, the Watch Blossom Anniversary and the most recent team campaign shoot. She was raised in Columbus, Georgia and works full-time as a Technical Trainer […]

Meet Brittany Jack: The Former Ball Player Turned Creative Evangelist

A woman of faith, full of purpose, and serious about helping others tap into their spiritual gifts. Brittany Jack makes no qualms about her love of Christ. The 25-year-old self-proclaimed “Creative Evangelist” is debuting her show, “The Keys to Miracles”, later this month on Blossom. “I am so incredibly excited thinking about how many lives […]

Meet Minda Harts: She’s got a Memo for Every WOC Wanting a Seat at the Table

Minda Harts built her own table and invites countless women of color to join her for a feast. She’s the founder and CEO of The Memo, a career subscription platform designed to advance women of color professionally through mentorship, educational tools, and networking. Her work is featured in several major outlets including NBC, Forbes, and ESSENCE, […]

Meet Sarah Batista: The Former News Reporter Pushing Women to Fly the Coop

Have you ever met someone and knew instantly that the two of you would be girlfriends for life? I knew this for sure the moment I met Sarah Batista. Her energy is magnetic. Sarah is an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, and mom. We were introduced in 2015 days before I quit my job as a news […]

Meet Meaghan Taylor: Her Mission for Women’s Equality in Radio

Meaghan Taylor, a producer and on-air personality, is making waves literally and figuratively in radio. She isn’t the only passenger on her journey, though. This Florida native is bringing other women along for the ride. Meaghan created a safe space for women pursuing a career or currently working in radio. In July 2016, she launched […]

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