How to Transform a City Using Technology

  By 2050, two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. Urbanisation is happening faster than at any time in human history. Globally, 900 million people are living in slums. Cities can’t add housing fast enough. Today, an estimated one billion vehicles are already bringing urban areas to a standstill. Cities consume three-quarters […]

QueenME: Measuring Progress

Measuring progress can help you identify new revenue streams, where you need to pivot and more. And as a CEO or Founder, this is key.

Naomi Campbell Talks 40-Year Career and Institutional Racism

From south London in 1970 to global renown in 2017, Sadiq Khan and Naomi Campbell’s lives have run in parallel. In a candid dialogue, the pair reflect on the city’s past, present and future – charting their determination to succeed in the face of institutional racism and how the strength of modern Britain is found […]

A Nigerian Engineer talks about her experience at Northeaster U

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Claudia Okonkwo wanted to become an engineer despite the fact that it is considered an unusual profession for women there. Today, she’s a graduate of Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering and is moving on to the Georgia Institute of Technology with a fellowship to […]

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