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We want to house content that you need and want. This is for you. For us.

Ultimately, our mission is to provide a platform of short films, web series, short forms, think pieces, feature films, docu-series, indie shorts and features, etc, that women of color actually want to watch based on their wants, interests, moods and needs.

Trying to convince BIG networks to include programming reflective of our womanhood is a challenge. So we’re doing it ourselves. blossom is validation for all the things we go through, who we are and where our lives are headed.

Williamson founded Blossom in an effort to see the content she felt was missing from network television; the true, authentic stories of women of color who are living across the globe.

We share the everyday experiences of our sisters with our sisters. We laugh. We cry. We feel inspired. But ultimately, we unite. Because at Blossom, we believe, we are more alike than we are not.

From freshly produced, original content to the latest screenings, stay connected with everything going on at blossom.